• Industry Standard CRPS Form Factor
  • Market Leading Power Density
  • 550 - 2400 W
  • Full Digital Control
  • Multiple Input Options

The CSU front end series from Artesyn is designed to provide a flexible power conversion solution for compute, storage, and networking equipment in the common redundant power supply (CRPS) form factor.

This series of AC-DC products is housed in the industry standard 1U x 73.5 mm x 185 mm CRPS form factor. Featuring individual power ratings from 550 W up to 2400 W, the choice for power supplies can cover cost-sensitive entry level systems, or power hungry applications where there are space constraints. Designed to provide the highest power in the smallest form factor, the series offers class-leading power density of 75 W/in3. The common form, fit, and function for all products in the family provides a path for power capacity flexibility, future-proofing your system designs.

Many of the models in this product family are available with various input and airflow direction options, enabling deployment in environments from enterprises to traditional data centers, -48 Vdc data centers, and telecom central offices. The DC input option can be used to power equipment from battery backup as well.


The Artesyn CSU series currently have options for using an IEC C13 or C19 AC power cord in the 2000 W range, with system designers free to choose the appropriate power capacity at 200 Vac. The CSU2400AP operates with an IEC C19 AC power cord to draw the full 2400 W at 200 Vac.

Active current sharing helps maximize cost effectiveness by eliminating the need for additional components when paralleling multiple power supplies for very high current applications. These hot-pluggable power supplies support N+1 or N+N redundant architectures, cold redundancy mode, and system power throttling.

All AC-input models in the family are certified for 80 PLUS ® Platinum level efficiency, peaking at 94%, and offer low total harmonic current distortion (EN61000-3-2).

Digital control using the PMBus ® protocol and a built-in I 2 C serial interface facilitates remote set-up, monitoring and control using Artesyn Embedded Power’ universal PMBus graphical user interface. This programming flexibility enables users to implement sophisticated power management schemes with minimal additional components.

All models offer overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, overtemperature and fan fault protection.

   Key Features:

  • Platinum efficiency certified
  • 12.2 V main output
  • 12.0 V 42 W standby output
  • Up to 1400 W at low line input
  • Best iTHD performance
  • Up to 55°C operating temperature




  • High performance (HPC)
  • Open Compute (OCP)
  • Cloud & hyperscale
  • Rackmount multi-purpose
  • Supercomputer
  • Multi-node
  • Blade server
  • Appliance
  • Application server


  • Database
  • Cold storage
  • Hadoop
  • JBOD
  • JBOF
  • OCP open storage
  • Cloud hosting
  • SAN
  • Archiving


  • Spine switch
  • Top of rack (ToR) switch
  • SDN switch
  • Storage switch
  • Data center switch
  • Campus network switch
  • Carrier Ethernet switch
  • Multiplexer
  • Security appliance




Standby Power




90-264 Vac

12 V / 45.0 A

12 V / 2.5 A

40 x 73.5 x 185


90-265 Vac

12 V / 66.7 A

12 V / 2.5 A

41 x 73.5 x 185


90-266 Vac

12.2 V / 108.3 A

12 V / 3.5 A

42 x 73.5 x 185



90-267 Vac

12.2 V / 147.5 A

12 V / 3.5 A

43 x 73.5 x 185



90-268 Vac

12.2 V / 163.9 A¹

12 V / 3.5 A

44 x 73.5 x 185



90-269 Vac

12.2 V / 196.7 A

12 V / 3.5 A

45 x 73.5 x 185


CSU550AP Series

CSU550AP Series

CSU800AP Series

CSU800AP Series

CSU1300AP Series

CSU1300AP Series

CSU1800AP Series

CSU1800AP Series

CSU2000AP Series

CSU2000AP Series

CSU2400AP Series

CSU2400AP Series